Empowering girls to explore, appreciate, and embody their authentic selves through movement, social connection, and self-reflection.

The Find What Moves You program meets twice a week. This program helps girls build meaningful social connections, learn various movement and relaxation techniques, and ultimately challenges them to discover who they would like to become.

The program was created for 7th and 8th-grade girls and non-binary youth. We welcome cisgender and transgender youth of all races, ethnicities, abilities, and body sizes.

Find What Moves You is…


Social Connection


"This program was a great way to get moving, while also discussing body positivity and mental health"

– Past Participant

"We have to accept our body, physical and mental together, as perfect just the way it is"

– Past Participant

“This program [gave] me time to think about myself from a whole different angle”

– Past Participant 

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